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Pinsen 2020

Norsk Retrieverklubb inviterer til

jubileumsutstilling og WT  (working test)

Birkebeiner stadion, Lillehammer

30.mai til 1.juni 2020

Lørdag 30.Mai:     Working test.

Søndag 31.Mai:      Utstilling & Valpeshow «Stor CERT», SPESIALUTSILLINGEN (Dual med WT)

Flat Coated:                         Gill Smitherman, GB -hanner Lyn Walker, GB -tisper
Golden:                                 Doreen McGugan, GB
Labrador:                             Carole Coode, GB
Øvrige:                                  Liam Moran, IR

Mandag 1.Juni:      Utstilling & Valpeshow «Stort CERT»

Flat Coated:                          Lyn Walker, GB -hanner, Gill Smitherman, GB -tisper
Golden:                                 Liam Moran, IR
Labrador                               David Coode, GB
Øvrige:                                  Carole Coode, GB

Forbehold om dommerendring. Ved stor påmelding dømmer Doreen eller David valper.

Påmeldingsavgift og frister:

Påmelding og betalingsfrist:       10. Mai 2020

JK/UK/BK/AK/VET/CHK          kr. 400.-
VALPER                                           kr. 200.-

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Økonomisk bindende påmelding. Dobbelt avgift hvis ikke eier er medlem av NKK eller samarbeidende klubb.
Fom 3. hund med samme eier betales ½ avgift. Gjelder ikke valper!


Norsk Retrieverklubb:
Berit Lund – 950 54 055
Eirin Stenbro – 900 21 392/

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Presentasjon av dommere:

Liam Moran

My name is Liam MORAN  and with my son Brian we have been showing since 1988 and in that time we have brought our  kennel great heights in that time. We made up 13 champions in goldens, 2 which won 5 Best in Show  at all Breed shows,  2 Int Ch Flatcoated retrievers,  5 junior champions and Celtic Winners  with countless club Bis.

I have judged gundogs in most countries in Europe also Canada and Australia

Lyn Walker

The Gloi kennel was founded in 1976 in Aberdeen in partnership with Dr Larry Roberts. We started with Golden Retrievers who we bred and showed successfully, to date we have had 3 UK champions, several other CC and RCC winners and 27 Junior Warrant winners. We have bred several Goldens who went on to gain their titles throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, America, S Africa and India.

In 2004 the first Flatcoated Retriever joined the family and took charge, Ebony – Sh Ch Contar Celtic Myth of Gloi ShCM,  proved to be the perfect foundation bitch excelling in type and temperament , all our homebred Flatcoats are descended from her. In Flatcoats we have 3 champions, several RCC winners and 14 Junior Warrant winners and several with ShCM.

In 2011 we decided to add Irish Water Spaniels to the family and were delighted to welcome Morven –  Sh Ch Stanegate Mystic Meg at Gloi, Morven’s motto is definitely “ Anything the Goldens and Flatcoats can do IWS can do better.” To date 3 IWS have their titles and three others have CCs and one in Norway has multiple titles. The first IWS in recent years to gain a JW is Morven’s daughter, the IWS have won so far a total of 39 CCs and several RCCs.

2019 proved to be a vintage year with Luther – Sh Ch Gloi Donn All or Nothing at Stanegate(IWS) winning the Gundog group at Crufts and Best in Show at National Gundog in August followed later in the same week with Fin – Sh Ch Gloi Dubh Fingal JW ShCM  (Flatcoat) winning Best In Show at United Retriever.

Across the three breeds we have 72 CCs, 56 Res CCs, 42 JWs

All our dogs are firstly family and share every aspect of our lives, we have over the years done obedience and agility and gundog training will them. We aim to breed typical dogs who are a pleasure to live with and can carry out any tasks asked of them be it companion, working or therapy.

I have awarded CCs in Goldens since 1995 judging throughout Europe, Scandinavia and Australia and have had the honour to be invited to judges golden bitches at Crufts in 2022, I judged Flatcoats at National Gundog in 2019.

I have always enjoyed judging Goldens in Scandinavia and look forward to my first such appointment in Flatcoats.

Gill Smitherman (Seaheart)

I would like to thank the Norsk RetrieverKlubb for the invitation to judge Flatcoated Retrievers at your show in 2020.

I have owned and shown Flatcoated retrievers for twenty-six years, and I got my first Flatcoat when I was 17, he was called Bob (Mountainwood Sweet William, Withybed Quadrille X Larksdown Jet). He was just adorable and would meet me at the garden gate after school and carry my schoolbag into the house, would talk to me on the phone when I was at University and was my mums companion whilst I was away.

In 2001 my mother and I bought Benvellyn Nephrite Jade of Seaheart (Benvellyn Athena X Ch Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves JW), I was going to show him and mum was going to work him, sadly mum died when Jacob was just four months old leaving me to live our hopes and dreams for both of us, he became a Sh Ch in 2009.  The star of our kennel was Ch Levelmoor Lanosa of Seaheart (Sh CH Benvellyn Nephrite Jade of Seaheart x Spera Vivace Tosca at Levelmoor) Maisie. She won 33 CC’s including Crufts 2009, gundog group 3 at South Wales and Best in Show at the United Retriever Club Championship show. Maisie remains the top full champion bitch in the UK.  I bred my first litter in 2009 which included Int Ch Seaheart New Moon, Seaheart Jacob Black in Australia who has a string of agility titles, and my own Sh Ch Seaheart Isabella JW. Since then I have owned and bred dogs with a mix of UK, Scandinavian and European lines.

I first judged Flatcoated Retrievers in 2005 and awarded my first set of CC’s in the UK in 2016. Since then I have judged in Germany and Sweden.

I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to judge in Norway; I have long admired Norwegian Flatcoated Retrievers and I look forward to judging them in May.